Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Indoor Tomatoes

If an endless supply of cherry tomatoes all winter long sounds good to you, you might be interested in a 2004 Mother Earth News article, "Real Food Winter Tomatoes" by David Cavagnaro.

It's too late for this winter, but bookmark the article now and refer back to it in late winter when you're getting ready to order next year's seeds. Make sure to order some of the indeterminate tomato varieties that the author recommends. These will grow well all winter long.

You will actually start next year's winter crop this spring. The elegant thing about this method is that you plant a summer crop first (outdoors), then take cuttings from these in late summer to start new plants that you'll bring indoors before the first frost. Then, enjoy a long winter of bountiful indoor production and, finally, take new cuttings at the end of winter to give your next summer crop a head start. You'll create an almost continuous year-round supply of tomatoes.

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