Sunday, November 2, 2008

Food is Fundamental

Food gives us life. It's what allows us to be here. It should be everyone's number one priority. If we get lazy and complacent about our food (and we have), leaving it to others to provide for us, we put ourselves at risk. Especially when the "others" we are leaving it to are interested primarily in profits rather than in nourishing people or creating a liveable planet.

I'm creating this blog because like many people, I am fed up. I am ready to learn how to take back responsibility for my own food supply. I've already taken some steps in that direction, but this is where I will chart my progress from here on.

Some of my goals are:

  • To grow the majority of my food.

  • To buy locally, or at least regionally, what I can't or won't grow for myself, and to limit national and international foods to less than a percentage point or two of my total food supply.

  • To use only sustainable, organic, and humane methods of food production and to ensure that those I buy from do likewise.

  • To eat what's in season and supplement through the winter months with foods I have preserved myself (through canning, freezing, fermenting, root cellaring, etc.).

I don't want to support corporate agriculture and factory farming, so I will be voting with my fork. If everyone did likewise, we could finally take back our food.

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